DITO Telecommunity Numbers

DITO Mobile Number Prefixes

0895 0896 0897 0898 0991 0992 0993 0994

DITO Telecommunity

Insights into Its Origin and Key Features

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    • Launch and Aspirations

      DITO Telecommunity [Formerly Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company (1998–2019)], officially launched in 2021, is a notable telecommunications company in the Philippines, emerging as a major player with aspirations to challenge the duopoly of Globe and Smart.

    • Strategic Partnerships

      A result of a partnership between Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics, and China Telecommunications Corporation, DITO aims to leverage this collaboration for technological and infrastructural advancements.

    • Network Expansion and Goals

      DITO has been rapidly expanding its network coverage across the Philippines, with a commitment to provide high-quality internet and telecommunications services nationwide.

    • Innovative Features

      Known for its competitive data packages and innovative service features, DITO is swiftly gaining popularity among a tech-savvy and connectivity-hungry consumer base.