PLDT and Smart Collaborate with DA-ATI to Launch FarmTech, Elevating Agri Workers with Digital Training

Revolutionizing Agriculture: FarmTech’s Digital Leap Forward

In a groundbreaking partnership, PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications have joined forces with the Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) to introduce FarmTech, a pioneering initiative designed to diminish the digital divide and empower the agricultural community in the Philippines. This innovative program aims to equip farmers, especially those in remote locales, with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness technology for agricultural enhancement.

Empowering Farmers Through Technology

FarmTech is set to revolutionize the way agricultural workers learn and apply digital solutions in their fields. The program provides tech-driven training kits to farmer groups and cooperatives, enabling them to educate their members about the myriad benefits of integrating technology into farming practices. Among the first to receive these transformative FarmTech packages were Myriad Farms in Guimba, Nueva Ecija, and the Samahan ng mga Pangulo ng Magsasaka in Morong, Rizal.

The Components of Change

Each FarmTech package is a comprehensive toolkit for digital learning and application in agriculture. It includes a tablet, 10 smartphones, a Smart Bro Pocket Wifi with Smart Prepaid load cards, an outdoor projector with a screen, a rechargeable portable sound system, and a flash drive filled with multimedia learning resources, apps, and DA-ATI educational materials. This all-encompassing approach ensures that even the most remote farming communities can access and benefit from digital advancements.

Vision for a Digitally-Enabled Agricultural Sector


DA-ATI Director Remelyn Recoter
DA-ATI Director Remelyn Recoter

DA-ATI Director Remelyn Recoter expressed optimism about the impact of FarmTech, stating,

There are a lot of apps and digital solutions we can tap and integrate into the DFP. With the help of PLDT and Smart, these can now reach the farthest corners of the Philippines.

This enthusiasm underscores the initiative’s potential to significantly enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability through technology.

A Commitment to Digital Inclusion and Livelihood Enhancement


Stephanie Orlino, Assistant Vice President and Head of Stakeholder Management at PLDT and Smart
Stephanie Orlino, Assistant Vice President and Head of Stakeholder Management at PLDT and Smart

Stephanie Orlino, Assistant Vice President and Head of Stakeholder Management at PLDT and Smart, reinforced the companies’ dedication to bridging the digital gap in the agricultural sector.

We at PLDT and Smart continue to invest in our infrastructure to provide meaningful connections to Filipinos across the country, furthering our livelihood and digital inclusion advocacies, especially for the agricultural sector.

Orlino remarked. She further highlighted the goal of achieving a digitally-enabled agriculture sector across the nation, in partnership with DA-ATI.

A Future of Digital Transformation in Agriculture

The launch of FarmTech by PLDT, Smart, and DA-ATI represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation journey of the Philippine agricultural sector. By providing farmers with the tools and knowledge to adopt and utilize digital technologies, this initiative not only aims to improve agricultural productivity and efficiency but also to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the farming community in the digital age.

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