Globe and Learning Possibilities Team Up to Launch Engaging Educational App for Filipino Children

Globe Telecom Joins Forces with UK’s Learning Possibilities to Introduce ‘Learning Islands’ App in the Philippines

Learning Possibilities's CEO Mehool Sanghrajka
Learning Possibilities Limited CEO Mehool SanghrajkaSerial EdTech Entrepreneur | Experienced non-profit & NED

Globe Telecom Inc. has announced a collaborative effort with British company Learning Possibilities, the creators of Learning Islands, an innovative digital reading app.

This partnership aims to provide a unique and enjoyable learning platform for young Filipinos, integrating educational content with entertainment.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Learning Platform: Learning Islands app is designed to make reading enjoyable and educational for children.
  • Disney-Themed Content: The app features stories with Disney characters to enhance reading comprehension and English-speaking skills.
  • Interactive Gaming Element: Learning Islands includes interactive games to foster children’s curiosity and creativity.
  • Strategic Partnership: Globe Telecom collaborates with Learning Possibilities to deliver this app to Filipino families.
  • Endorsement from UK Department for Business and Trade: The partnership is welcomed as a significant contribution to enhancing English literacy in the Philippines.

Creating a Delightful Learning Experience

Learning Possibilities CEO Mehool Sanghrajka expressed enthusiasm about the partnership:

Learning Islands is a digital app built on an adventure through five islands while discovering a collection of 100 video stories from Disney and 240 interactive games with amazing prizes.

learning islands in mobile phone

Enhancing English Literacy

Sarah Chidgey, Head of International Education at the UK’s Department for Business and Trade, recognized the potential impact of this initiative:

The combination of the app’s Disney-themed content and Globe’s reach across the Philippines makes this an amazing combination that will contribute to enhancing English skills and literacy in the Philippines.

A Commitment to Education

Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Head of Globe Get Entertained Tribe, highlighted the aim of the collaboration:

By partnering with Learning Possibilities, we are not just advancing our commitment to education but also ensuring that learning becomes a fun and immersive experience for them.

The partnership between Globe Telecom and Learning Possibilities signifies a major step forward in providing Filipino children with an engaging and effective educational platform.

The Learning Islands app, with its combination of Disney-themed storytelling and interactive games, promises to make learning a delightful and enriching experience for the young learners of the Philippines.
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