Shield Yourself from SMS Scams: Your Guide to Staying Safe

how to avoid sms scam

Navigating the Minefield of SMS Scams: A 2023 Guide In an era where our smartphones are extensions of our very selves, a new predator has emerged in the Philippines, preying on the unwary: the SMS scam. These unsolicited messages, ranging from too-good-to-be-true offers to alarming alerts of non-existent winnings, have become a digital plague. Between … Read more

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

mobile number portability mnp philippines

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) offers several advantages and disadvantages: Advantages of Mobile Number Portability: Consumer Empowerment: Mobile Number Portability empowers consumers by providing them with the freedom to switch mobile service providers without changing their phone number. Enhanced Competition: It encourages competition among service providers, leading to better service quality, more competitive pricing, and innovative … Read more

Step-by-step guide to creating a GCash account

Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a GCash Account In today’s digital age, managing your finances has never been easier, thanks to innovative mobile payment solutions like GCash. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating your GCash account, empowering you … Read more

Globe Telecom Takes a Stand Against Scams by Removing Clickable Links in Messages

Globe Removing Clickable Links in Messages

Globe Telecom’s Bold Strategy Against Messaging Scams In an innovative stride toward enhancing cybersecurity, Globe Telecom Inc. has officially announced the removal of clickable links from all messages sent to its customers. This strategic decision is in direct response to a surge in spoofing incidents, where fraudsters impersonate Globe’s communication channels to deceive unsuspecting victims. … Read more

Globe Introduces Complimentary Gadget Xchange Program for Enhanced Mobile Postpaid Services

Globe’s Innovative Approach to Gadget Care for Postpaid Customers In an era where smartphones are integral to daily life, Globe Telecom has initiated an exclusive gadget care promotion, aimed primarily at its mobile postpaid customers. This initiative underscores Globe’s recognition of the essential role smartphones play and its commitment to providing comprehensive services that extend … Read more

Globe’s #SeniorDigizen Program: Bridging the Digital Divide for Seniors

Globe SeniorDigizen Program Bridging the Digital Divide for Seniors

Empowering Filipino Seniors in the Digital World with Globe’s #SeniorDigizen Globe Telecom’s recent launch of the #SeniorDigizen campaign marks a significant step towards integrating Filipino seniors into the digital economy. The campaign kicked off with the “Teach Me How To Digi” learning session in Quezon City, aiming to make technology more accessible and less intimidating … Read more

Globe Unveils CALF: A New Portable Cellsite Technology for Emergencies and High-Demand Areas

Globe Unveils CALF A New Portable Cellsite Technology for Emergencies and High-Demand Areas

Globe Telecom Innovates with CALF for Enhanced Connectivity in Emergencies Globe Telecom Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking mobile connectivity solution, Cellsite At Less Footprint (CALF), designed to provide rapid and efficient telecommunications services during emergencies and in areas with high foot traffic. This new technology underscores Globe’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological … Read more

Globe Telecom Blocks Nearly Half a Million Child Pornography Sites in 2023

Globe Telecom Blocks Nearly Half a Million Child Pornography Sites in 2023

Globe Telecom Amplifies Efforts Against Online Child Exploitation In a decisive move to protect children online, Globe Telecom Inc. has significantly increased its efforts against online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) by blocking a record number of child pornography sites in 2023. The telecom giant reported a substantial increase in site restrictions, marking … Read more

Globe Telecom to Authenticate 61 Million Users in Anti-Fraud Campaign

Globe Telecom to Authenticate 61 Million Users in Anti-Fraud Campaign

Globe Telecom Initiates Massive SIM Authentication to Combat Fraud Globe Telecom Inc. has embarked on a comprehensive initiative to authenticate over 61 million subscriber identities in its network. This massive effort aims to identify and eliminate mobile numbers involved in fraudulent activities, intensifying the battle against cybercrime. Key Takeaways Verification of 61 Million Subscribers: To … Read more

Globe Telecom Intensifies Anti-Fraud Drive: Massive Increase in Blocked SIMs in 2023

Globe Telecom Intensifies Anti-Fraud Drive Massive Increase in Blocked SIMs in 2023

In the first half of 2023, Globe Telecom Inc. took decisive action in its ongoing battle against fraud, resulting in a massive uptick in SIM card deactivations. This move reflects Globe’s unwavering commitment to network security and customer protection, as they implement enhanced strategies and technologies to combat digital fraud. This vigilance is evident in the significant decrease in the number of Globe’s own SIMs deactivated, underscoring their proactive approach in safeguarding their network against fraudulent activities.