Globe Introduces Complimentary Gadget Xchange Program for Enhanced Mobile Postpaid Services

Globe’s Innovative Approach to Gadget Care for Postpaid Customers

Joanne Illescas - Engagement, Retention and Experience Head at Globe Telecom
Joanne Illescas – Engagement, Retention and Experience Head at Globe Telecom

In an era where smartphones are integral to daily life, Globe Telecom has initiated an exclusive gadget care promotion, aimed primarily at its mobile postpaid customers.

This initiative underscores Globe’s recognition of the essential role smartphones play and its commitment to providing comprehensive services that extend beyond traditional connectivity.

Key Takeaways

  • Exclusive Promotion Period: From January 22 to March 31, 2024.
  • Complimentary 3-Month Trial: Available for customers applying or renewing a GPlan.
  • Gadget Xchange Program Features: Device switch, replacement, and screen repair services.
  • Eligibility: Offer available for select models and devices.

The Need for Gadget Care

Globe’s launch of the Gadget Xchange program comes as a response to the increasing demand for device protection, akin to insurance for valuable assets like cars and homes. This program aims to address customer concerns regarding device durability, theft, loss, and connectivity.

Program Offers

  • Device Switch: Option to swap devices for the same model in different colors or equivalent models.
  • Device Replacement: Coverage in case of device theft or loss.
  • Screen Replacement: Service for damaged screens, ensuring continuous usability.

Globe’s Digital Journey Partnership

Jo Anne Illescas, Head of Globe Consumer Mobile Postpaid, emphasizes Globe’s role as a digital journey partner:

We’re more than a telecom provider. We’re a partner in our customers’ digital journey. The Gadget Xchange program provides not just exceptional connectivity but also peace of mind in the digital world.

Access and Availability

The Gadget Xchange 499 offer is part of Globe’s broader mission to innovate telecom solutions that enhance the digital experience of its customers.

Interested subscribers can access the promotion through Globe’s website or visit any Globe Store for more information.

Globe Telecom’s Gadget Xchange program reflects its proactive approach to adapting to the digital age, offering mobile postpaid customers a unique opportunity for worry-free gadget care.

This initiative is a testament to Globe‘s dedication to evolving its services to meet the changing needs of its customers, providing both exceptional connectivity and peace of mind.

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