Globe Telecom Boosts AI Integration for Superior Customer Service and Operations

Globe Telecom Expands AI Utilization to Revolutionize Customer Engagement and Business Operations

globe telecom aiGlobe Telecom Inc. is significantly enhancing its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across various business segments, including customer service, network operations, and financial services.

This strategic move is part of Globe’s ongoing digital transformation, aiming to leverage AI to deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions.

  • Widespread AI Applications: Globe is integrating AI into credit scoring, network optimization, and operational automation.
  • Customer Service Enhancement: Using conversational AI and Tagalog language models to improve customer interactions.
  • AI in Lending Business: Automation of credit scoring in the GCash lending business for efficient loan services.
  • 917Ventures’ AI Exploration: Globe’s venture builder is utilizing AI in incubation-stage ventures.
  • Operational Efficiency: AI’s role extends to backend processes, enhancing service delivery and operational productivity.

AI-Driven Digital Transformation

President and Chief Executive Officer ceo of Globe Telecom
President and Chief Executive Officer of Globe Telecom

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu emphasized the role of AI in the company’s growth:

AI applications are widespread across Globe… We employ a substantial amount of AI and machine learning… In the area of networks in terms of optimization, in terms of operations, a lot of it can be automated as well through artificial intelligence.

Conversational AI for Enhanced Communication

Globe is exploring advanced AI models for customer care, including a Tagalog large language model, to facilitate better communication and efficient problem-solving.

AI in Financial Services

The application of AI in Globe’s lending business via GCash is transforming credit scoring processes, offering fast and precise loan services to customers.

Innovation in Ventures

Globe’s corporate venture builder, 917Ventures, is actively incorporating AI into their emerging tech solutions, targeting to address complex challenges faced by Filipinos.

Beyond Customer Interaction

Cu further notes the impact of AI:

The use of AI extends beyond customer interaction, playing a crucial role in backend operations such as network optimization and operations automation.

Globe Telecom’s increased adoption of AI technologies represents a significant leap towards enhancing customer experiences and optimizing business operations.

By harnessing the power of AI, Globe is set to transform its service offerings, streamline processes, and solidify its position as a tech-forward company in the telecommunications industry.

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