Globe Telecom Blocks Nearly Half a Million Child Pornography Sites in 2023

Globe Telecom Amplifies Efforts Against Online Child Exploitation

Globe Telecom Amplifies Efforts Against Online Child ExploitationIn a decisive move to protect children online, Globe Telecom Inc. has significantly increased its efforts against online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) by blocking a record number of child pornography sites in 2023.

The telecom giant reported a substantial increase in site restrictions, marking a key milestone in its ongoing commitment to creating a safer digital environment for children.

  • Substantial Increase in Blocked Sites: Globe blocked 489,849 child pornography sites in 2023, a 22% increase from 2022.
  • Enhanced Content Blocking: URLs and domains hosting lewd content significantly disabled.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: Multi-pronged approach including content filtering, awareness campaigns, and collaboration.

Globe’s Proactive Measures

Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s Chief Information Security Officer, stresses the company’s approach:

We believe that a safer digital environment for our children requires a multi-pronged approach. Beyond blocking harmful content, we want to foster a culture of vigilance, awareness, and collaboration to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from the pervasive threats that lurk online.

Blocking Statistics

  • URLs and Domains Disabled: Significant increase in the number of blocked URLs and domains compared to the previous year.
  • Investment in Safety Technologies: $2.7 million investment in content filtering systems to enhance site-blocking capabilities.
Anton Reynaldo Bonifacio Chief Information Security Officer at the Globe Group
Anton Reynaldo Bonifacio, Chief Information Security Officer at the Globe Group

Collaborative Efforts

Market Response

  • Positive Share Price Movement: Globe’s share price noted to have increased following these initiatives.

Globe Telecom’s significant action in blocking nearly half a million child pornography sites in 2023 demonstrates its unwavering commitment to combating online child exploitation.

By combining technology, awareness, and collaboration, Globe is at the forefront of creating a safer online space for children.

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