Philippines and PLDT-SMART: Pioneering a Digital Revolution

The Digital Transformation Landscape in the Philippines

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Digital Transformation PLDT-SMART leading the digital transformation in the Philippines
Network Innovations Introduction of innovative technologies for enhanced connectivity
Sports and Community Engagement PLDT-SMART’s significant role in supporting Philippine sports
Digital Literacy and Citizenship Initiatives to boost digital literacy among Filipinos
Internet Speed and Reliability

Manny Pangilinan
Manuel Pangilinan, chief executive of Hong Kong-listed First Pacific, which owns big brands like Philippine Long Distance Telephone, TV 5 and Meralco in the Philippines.

The Philippines is experiencing a digital revolution, significantly driven by PLDT Inc., originally the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, and its fully-owned subsidiary, Smart Communications Inc.

As of November 2023, Smart has emerged as the country’s largest mobile network with over 55.2 million subscribers.

PLDT-SMART’s Role in Digital Connectivity

PLDT-SMART has been instrumental in transforming the Philippines into a connected and digitally savvy nation.

PLDT HOME provides Filipino families with multimedia products and services for seamless digital experiences at home.

Innovations in Telecommunications

PLDT and Smart have piloted a common virtualized network infrastructure, a first in the Philippines.

This innovation ensures seamless interoperability across their network, enhancing business continuity and user experience.

Boosting Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Recognizing the importance of inclusive digital growth, PLDT and Smart are at the forefront of fostering digital literacy and citizenship. Their efforts ensure that no Filipino is left behind in this tech-driven era.

The Speed and Reliability of PLDT-SMART Networks

PLDT and Smart have been recognized for their superior internet speeds. Ookla®, a global leader in internet testing, cited PLDT and

Smart as the country’s fastest fixed and mobile networks, respectively, in 2018.

PLDT-SMART’s Involvement in Philippine Sports

In 2023, PLDT and Smart notably supported Philippine sports, including co-hosting the FIBA Basketball World Cup. This involvement reflects their commitment to community engagement and national pride.

PLDT and Smart notably supported Philippine sports

PLDT-SMART and Technological Innovation in Sports

PLDT and Smart’s involvement in sports goes beyond sponsorships; they have introduced technology like the Smart LiveStream App to enhance the sports viewing experience.

PLDT-SMART’s journey is not just about technology; it’s a story of empowering a nation through digital transformation, community engagement, and innovation. Their initiatives have significantly contributed to the Philippines’ emergence as a digitally savvy nation.

Emerging as a Leader in Internet of Things (IoT)

PLDT Enterprise, in collaboration with Smart and Nokia, is revolutionizing the IoT landscape in the Philippines.

This partnership is transforming how IoT applications are managed and deployed, accelerating digital transformation and enhancing customer experiences.

Driving the Country’s Digital Aspirations

PLDT’s role in the Philippines’ digital transformation journey is substantial. Through its enterprise arm, PLDT is positioning the country as a Hyperscaler Hub of Asia-Pacific, fostering partnerships and synergies essential for digitalization.

Expanding Connectivity Through Satellite Innovations

PLDT and Smart are expanding their high-speed mobile and internet services to remote areas.

Collaborating with global satellite operators, they are exploring the use of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology to reach hard-to-reach communities.

Championing the Digital Philippines Vision

At the Philippine Digital Convention 2023, PLDT reinforced its support for the country’s digitalization, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in achieving this vision.

Building a Robust Digital Infrastructure

PLDT and Smart are not just focusing on consumer services but are also leading in creating a resilient and advanced digital infrastructure. Their initiatives in network innovations are laying the groundwork for a digitally empowered Philippines.

The Role of PLDT-SMART in Digital Education

As part of their commitment to social responsibility, PLDT and Smart are actively involved in promoting digital education, ensuring Filipinos are equipped with the necessary skills for a digital future.

PLDT-SMART’s role in the Philippines goes beyond being a telecommunications provider. They are at the heart of the country’s digital revolution, contributing to sports, education, and community development, and driving the nation towards a connected and digitally empowered future.

Embracing Transformational Leadership for Digital Success

PLDT Enterprise emphasizes the importance of transformational leadership in achieving digital transformation. This approach is central to the organization’s strategy, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration.

The Power of Unbreakable Collaboration

In their journey towards digital transformation, PLDT-SMART leverages the power of unbreakable collaboration. This strategy involves engaging with various stakeholders, including technology partners and the wider community, to drive successful outcomes.

PLDT-SMART’s Commitment to Quality Entertainment and Information

Through PLDT HOME, the company is committed to providing Filipino families with access to quality entertainment, information, and digital services. This commitment underlines their focus on enhancing the lifestyle and connectivity of Filipinos.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Entertainment

The introduction of various digital services and multimedia products by PLDT HOME is a testament to PLDT-SMART’s dedication to improving the everyday experiences of their customers.

Nurturing a Culture of Innovation and Excellence

At the core of PLDT-SMART’s success is a culture that nurtures innovation and strives for excellence. This culture is evident in their continual efforts to introduce cutting-edge technologies and services that cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

Leading the Way in Network and IT Innovations

PLDT-SMART’s initiatives in network and IT innovations are setting new standards in the industry. Their efforts in introducing a common virtualized network infrastructure are reshaping the telecommunications landscape in the Philippines.

PLDT-SMART is not just a telecom giant; it’s a catalyst for change in the Philippines. Their commitment to digital transformation, community engagement, and innovation is paving the way for a brighter, more connected future for Filipinos.

Fostering Global Connections and Business Continuity

PLDT-SMART’s approach to telecommunications and digital services is not limited to local impacts. Their strategic partnerships and innovative solutions are designed to foster global connections, enhancing the Philippines’ position in the international digital landscape.

Enhancing Global Business Operations

By focusing on global connectivity and business continuity, PLDT-SMART plays a crucial role in supporting the operations of businesses, both locally and internationally, fostering economic growth and stability.

Championing a Sustainable Digital Future

Sustainability is a key aspect of PLDT-SMART’s vision. They are committed to developing technologies and solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable, ensuring a balanced approach to digital progress.

Prioritizing Environmental and Social Responsibility

In their pursuit of digital excellence, PLDT-SMART is mindful of their environmental and social responsibilities. This approach underscores their commitment to contributing positively to the community and the planet.

PLDT-SMART’s Enduring Legacy

PLDT-SMART’s journey is a remarkable narrative of innovation, leadership, and commitment to the Filipino people. As they continue to lead the way in digital transformation, their legacy is one of empowering a nation, fostering community well-being, and driving technological advancement.

Expanding Digital Horizons: PLDT-SMART’s Future Endeavors

Looking towards the future, PLDT-SMART is poised to further expand its digital horizons. Their ongoing projects and future plans promise to bring even more innovative solutions and advancements to the Philippines and beyond.

Anticipating Future Technological Trends

PLDT-SMART is not just responding to current technological trends; they are actively anticipating and shaping the future of digital technology. This proactive approach positions them as a leader in the global tech arena.

A Visionary Path Forward

PLDT-SMART stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital technology and innovation. Their comprehensive approach to digital transformation, community development, and sustainable practices exemplifies a visionary path forward, promising a brighter, more connected future for the Philippines.

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