BPI Announces New Loading Fee for GCash Transactions via ECPay Starting March 2024

New Fee Implementation for GCash Loading via ECPay Announced by BPI

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has issued an advisory regarding the introduction of a loading fee for GCash transactions via ECPay, effective March 01, 2024. This update is part of BPI’s revised fee structure for various e-wallet and transportation services.

Key Takeaways

  • New Fee for GCash: A fee of Php 10 will be charged for Globe‘s GCash loading via ECPay from March 2024.
  • Updated Fee Structure: BPI has released an updated list of e-wallets and transportation services, including their corresponding fees.
  • Fee Variations: While some services like Maya and Vybe remain fee-free, others such as AutoSweep and Easytrip will incur specific charges.
Service Type Service Name Fee Details
E-Wallet GCash Php 10 (effective March 01, 2024)
E-Wallet Maya No fee
E-Wallet Vybe No fee
Transportation AutoSweep Php 13
Transportation Easytrip Php 15 (deducted from load amount)
Others Beep and GetGo Php 10
Others Dibz Pay No fee

BPI’s Fee Policy Update

The introduction of these fees is part of BPI’s effort to streamline its services and provide transparent and efficient financial transactions to its customers.

The bank emphasizes the importance of being aware of these changes for better financial planning and management.

BPI’s recent advisory on the new fee structure for e-wallet loading and transportation services reflects the bank’s ongoing efforts to adapt its financial services to meet evolving customer needs and market conditions.

Clients are encouraged to take note of these changes for a smooth and informed banking experience.

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