PLDT and Smart Elevate Grand Sinulog 2024 with Enhanced Connectivity and Services

Enhancing the Sinulog Festival Experience Through PLDT and Smart’s Digital Support

PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) played a pivotal role in amplifying the grandeur of the 459th Fiesta of Señor Santo Niño, the Philippines’ grandest festival, Sinulog. Their involvement underscores a commitment to celebrating Cebuano heritage and enhancing the digital lifestyle of both residents and tourists.

Key Takeaways

  • PLDT and Smart’s Sinulog Involvement: Aiding in the digital and communication aspects of the festival.
  • Enhanced Connectivity Services: Ensuring seamless communication and social media engagement for attendees.
  • Support to Media and Religious Entities: Facilitating live streaming of festival events.
  • On-Site Assistance Booths: Providing immediate connectivity support during the festival.
  • Exclusive Perks for Loyal Customers: Collaborations with local establishments for discounts and offers.

Celebrating Cebuano Heritage Digitally

First Vice President / Head of Go To Market & Subs Base Management at Smart Communications, Inc.
Melvin Sixto Nubla – First Vice President / Head of Go To Market & Subs Base Management at Smart Communications, Inc.

Melvin Consunji Nubla, FVP of Smart, emphasized the importance of being part of the Cebuano community’s digital journey, beyond the festival period.

Attendee Experiences

  • Overseas Attendee Testimonials: Positive feedback on Smart’s reliable signal during the event.
  • Sharing Moments Online: Enhanced by PLDT and Smart’s robust connectivity solutions.

Livestreaming and Media Support

  • Facilitating Festival Coverage: Provision of wired and data connectivity to key entities for smooth live broadcasting.

On-ground Engagement

  • Booths for Immediate Assistance: Ensuring continuous connectivity and service support for festival-goers.
  • Partnership with Local Businesses: Offering exclusive benefits to enhance the festival experience.

Smart’s Commitment to Cebuano Culture

Lloyd Genesiran, Junior Manager at Smart, shared his insights:

Our goal has always been to make Smart a meaningful part of Cebu City and its constituents… It’s truly rewarding to see our hard work pay off.

Digitalization and Community Connection

  • Online and On-site Festival Spirit: Bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences.
  • Alignment with Government’s Digitalization Thrust: Contributing to the broader initiative of connecting Filipinos digitally.

PLDT and Smart‘s active participation in the Sinulog Festival not only enhanced the event’s digital experience but also reflected their commitment to supporting and enriching Filipino cultural heritage.

Their efforts in providing robust connectivity and special offers demonstrate a deep understanding of the digital needs and aspirations of the Cebuano community.

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