Globe Telecom Asserts Its Dominance as Top Digital Solutions Provider in 2023

Globe Telecom: Pioneering Digital Innovation in the Philippines

ernest cu ceo of globe telecoms philippinesGlobe Telecom Inc., a key player under the Ayala Group, has reaffirmed its position as the leading digital solutions provider in the Philippines in 2023. Amidst economic challenges, Globe has continued to introduce life-enhancing innovations and expand its influence across various sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustained Leadership: Globe maintains its status as the top digital solutions provider in the Philippines.
  • Expansive Innovations: From network optimization to climate tech and fintech, Globe broadens its industry influence.
  • Infrastructure Expansion: STT GDC Philippines, a Globe venture, advances in building major data centers.
  • Global Reach of GCash: GCash’s international expansion offers services for Filipinos globally.
  • Venture Building Success: 917Ventures, Globe’s corporate venture builder, flourishes with numerous startups.

A Year of Triumphs

Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu reflects on the year’s successes:

“Despite the challenges we faced, 2023 was another banner year for Globe, as we continued to cement our standing as the foremost digital solutions provider in the Philippines.”

Infrastructure Milestones

STT GDC Philippines, Globe’s joint venture, is making significant strides with two major data center projects.

The STT Fairview data center, set to be the largest in the Philippines, and STT Cavite 2, augmenting the existing data center capacity, underscore Globe’s commitment to infrastructure development.

Advancing in Data Center Services

With seven facilities across Metro Manila, Cavite, and Davao, STT GDC Philippines positions itself as a leading data center hub in Southeast Asia, addressing the growing demand for these services.

Expanding Urban Mobility

Gogoro Philippines, another Globe venture, ends the year with multiple GoStations for battery swaps in key cities and plans further expansion in the first quarter of 2024, signifying Globe’s investment in sustainable urban mobility solutions.

International Expansion of GCash

GCash, a Globe Group affiliate, has expanded its reach internationally, allowing Filipinos in countries like Japan, the UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, and the US to access its services, including money transfer, bill payments, and bank transfers.

Ventures and Innovation

917Ventures, Globe’s corporate venture builder, had a prolific year, evaluating hundreds of ideas and successfully launching and nurturing numerous ventures, showcasing Globe’s commitment to fostering innovation.

Looking Forward to 2024

Ernest Cu concludes, “Our wins in 2023 fuel our momentum going into the new year, as we continue to innovate to drive digital transformation in the country.”

Globe Telecom’s achievements in 2023 solidify its role as a pioneer in digital solutions in the Philippines.

With its continued focus on innovative technologies, infrastructure expansion, and global outreach, Globe is well-positioned to lead the digital transformation in the Philippines and beyond, shaping a more connected and technologically advanced future.

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